Maybe Revolution is the Point.

Over nearly three decades in the technology space, Pascal Finette has accrued all the experience you’d want in a high-level strategic advisor. He started on the net before there was a web browser, learned his way through founding a series of technology startups, launched a consulting firm to support entrepreneurs in scaling their own, and built a portfolio investing in early-stage tech companies. Finette also held leadership positions at era-defining powerhouses Google, eBay, and Mozilla, and he was the faculty chair for entrepreneurship and open innovation at Singularity University. He’s worn many hats and knows what needs to go on in the brain under each of them to lead effectively.

What makes Pascal truly one-of-a-kind, however, is his ability to translate all of this experience into teachable insights, principals, and practices. This is what enables him to help corporate leaders and entrepreneurs actually do the things they all say they want to do: transform their organizations, build what matters, tackle truly meaningful challenges & create lasting, positive change in the world.

Pascal brings refreshing honesty and a zero tolerance for bullshit to the buzzy intersection of technology, global impact, and culture, where he’s established himself as a sought-after speaker and a uniquely perceptive communicator of hard truths and creative provocations. As the founder of boutique advisory firm be radical and the posse leader at The Heretic — where he’s behind an opinionated newsletter and podcast with tens of thousands of subscribers — Pascal inspires, educates and empowers leaders to make sense of accelerating change, envision the future of exponential technology, identify new opportunities, and develop successful, future-robust business strategies.

Relentlessly focused on amplifying positive change and the impact of other changemakers, Pascal is also the founder of the nonprofit organizations Mentor for Good and The Coaching Fellowship, and he is a trained Co-Active executive coach working with clients to unlock their full leadership potential.

Pascal is advisory board chair of EY’s wavespace and a member of Pearson’s digital advisory board.

Learn more about Pascal and his work at be radical and on his LinkedIn profile.

Pascal Finette Speaking

Public Speaking & Workshops

Pascal is a master at drawing audiences into a spellbinding future where artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, and other exponential technologies solve humanity’s greatest challenges. His presentations make sense of our rapidly accelerating, changing and converging world — cutting through the noise, synthesizing the essentials and connecting the dots to prepare your company or career for the exciting opportunities ahead.

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It is easiest to reach Pascal via Email. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn. And make sure you subscribe to his opinionated, raw and unfiltered newsletter “The Heretic” and his podcast ”Disrupt Disruption”.